Park View Property Management

We are...

A small family owned & run company 

Multi-faceted Real Estate Agency

Guided and supervised by our Director, Louisa Galagher

Based in the Ipswich Region, Queensland

Park View Property Management is a full-service real estate agency servicing the residential markets in the Ipswich and Brisbane Regions, predominantly senior rentals and accommodations. Our success is based on building successful close and personal relationships with residents, families and staff, creating an environment where everyone is happy and safe.

We have been in the industry for over 10 years and during this time been able to develop a keen sense for what is required within the Property Management industry and provide these services required in an efficient manner. Park View specialises in aged care, overseeing client care and nutritional meal management, accommodation and medication management. 

Louisa Galagher - Director

P: 0439 767 846


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